Two sins in one!

browniechocolatechipI was walking down the baking aisle at Kroger when I noticed a kit to make chocolate chip cookie dough brownies. Sounds delicious right? Well the price on this wasn’t so delicious, $4.47! I knew I could make it cheaper so that’s what I did. As a little back story, Clay has a strange obsession with brownie bites so we make those on a weekly bases. So I decided to make my normal brownie bites (in a muffin tin) but this time add cookie dough in the center. I put my brownie batter in the muffin tins then I added a teaspoon full of cookie dough in the middle. You could also use Pillsbury cookie dough squares, just placing one cube in each muffin tin. They baked relatively quick, which is an added bonus. These cookie/ brownies only costed me around $2.00 to make. So I smiled at the fact that I saved money and that I get to enjoy such a delicious dessert. Enjoy!

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