Two sins in one!

browniechocolatechipI was walking down the baking aisle at Kroger when I noticed a kit to make chocolate chip cookie dough brownies. Sounds delicious right? Well the price on this wasn’t so delicious, $4.47! I knew I could make it cheaper so that’s what I did. As a little back story, Clay has a strange obsession with brownie bites so we make those on a weekly bases. So I decided to make my normal brownie bites (in a muffin tin) but this time add cookie dough in the center. I put my brownie batter in the muffin tins then I added a teaspoon full of cookie dough in the middle. You could also use Pillsbury cookie dough squares, just placing one cube in each muffin tin. They baked relatively quick, which is an added bonus. These cookie/ brownies only costed me around $2.00 to make. So I smiled at the fact that I saved money and that I get to enjoy such a delicious dessert. Enjoy!

Donuts, the easy way!

Donuts are one of my boyfriend’s favorite things to eat so I knew that making them the “old fashion way” would get old fast so I knew I needed to come up with an easier way. Thankfully, for my boyfriend, I did. This recipe is so easy, it will knock your socks off! First you need a pot and fill it with oil (of any kind, but I used veggie oil) fill it with about a two to three inches of oil. Then you need a can of biscuits, any kind will do (off brands or name brands it doesn’t matter). Punch a hole in the middle of each biscuit, i used the lid to my vanilla extract. Don’t throw the holes you cut out, just fry those up too! Now all you have to do is fry these biscuits, flipping once. I finished mine off by dipping them in a simple glaze (powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk). Clay, however, likes his with cinnamon sugar. Enjoy!


Cheddar’s Legendary Chocolate Chip Cookie!


So if you are like me, you have to finish a good meal with something sweet. At cheddar’s they have the decadent chocolate chip cookie with ice cream in a cast iron skillet. At the restaurant they tell you it is made fresh to order so it takes 20-25 minutes. Well I wanted one of these legendary cookies at home and that’s what I did. It was super simple, like most of my recipes. First you must get a small cast iron skillet, I used a 3 inch cast iron skillet (courtesy of my wonderful grandma). I used Betty Crocker’s Snack Size Chocolate Chip cookie mix. The key here is to use the snack size because it is the perfect amount for this recipe. If you have a beloved chocolate chip cookie recipe, just half the recipe and it should work fine. Once it comes out of the oven, put a couple scoops of ice cream, maybe even a drizzle of chocolate syrup and enjoy!

Jello oranges!


Jello filled oranges! Now does that sound fun or what? Me and my trusty cousin Ashley made these awhile back and they are super simple to make!

To start you need to cut in half oranges and hollow them out. Set that yummy goodness aside for a snack later. Now mix up your jello (any color/ flavor will do, we just decided on green) now all you have to do is pour your jello mixture into the orange halves. Put in the fridge until completely set. Enjoy!

My Pinterest Board!

My Pinterest Board!

If you don’t have a pinterest account, you need to get one now! Pinterest is a site that lets you pin things to a virtual board. It is full of things from crafts to weddings! If you are in need of inspiration or ideas this is the place. I will put some of my favorites here on my website soon!

What is this blog about?

This blog is about sharing some of the interesting crafts I make or find on other websites and also some of the tasty treats I make. If you are interested in making some crafts or baked goods, that won’t cost you a fortune, you have came to the right place!